Trie Example

Let’s look at another example of a trie. Here we have a larger trie. Think about how many words are captured by the tree; click the tree to see how many!

![Trie Example](images/4/4Trie_Example.png) This tree contains **12** words: 'ate', 'an', 'and', 'ant', 'app', 'apple', 'cat', 'can', 'cup', 'by', 'be', and 'been'.

While the ‘a’, ‘at’, and ‘bee’ are words in the English language, they are not recognized by our trie. Depending on what the user intended, this could be by design. When we build our tries, users will input words that are valid for their vocabulary. Tries are not limited to the English language and can be created for any vocabulary.