Python Libraries

The Python programming language has many different libraries available for developers to use. Below is a list of some of the most common and useful libraries, as well as links for more information about each one. As we continue to develop more complex softwares, we may want to look at some of these libraries for additional information. We can also browse the repository at PyPi for additional libraries we could use.

Python Standard Library

First and foremost, the Python Standard Library contains hundreds of classes that we can use in our applications for a variety of purposes. So, before looking elsewhere, it is always worth checking to see if the Java Standard Library already includes what we need.

Additional Useful Libraries

Here are a few more libraries that are commonly used by Python developers, some of which we are already using in this course:

  • SciPy - mathematics, science, and engineering libraries
    • NumPy - more advanced mathematical library used by many data science and scientific libraries
    • Pandas - data analysis and manipulation library
  • Requests - library for sending and receiving HTTP requests
  • Pytest - unit tests framework
  • Pillow - image manipulation library
  • PyGame - video game development library
  • Django - full stack web framework
  • Flask - micro web framework library for Python