Iteration with Pointers

This is how we have initialized array elements in the past:

int i;
int nums[10];
for (i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
	nums[i] = 0;

However, now that we can treat arrays like pointers, there is a different way to initialize array elements:

int *ip;
int nums[10];
for (ip = nums; ip < nums+10; ip++) {
	*ip = 0;

Here, ip is a pointer that starts by pointing to the first element in the array. We loop while the value of ip (the memory address) is less than nums+10 – which is the address of the last element in the array. Each time, ip++ advances ip to point at the next element in the array. Inside the loop, we dereference ip to get the current array element, and set that element to 0.