Arrays of Structs

You can create arrays of structs in C just like you can create arrays of any other type. The format for creating constant-sized arrays is:

type name[size];

Consider the person struct again:

struct person {
    char name[20];
    int age;

Here’s how to create a 3-slot array of type struct person called group:

//"struct person" is the type; "group" is the array name
struct person group[3];

When you create an array of type struct, C allocates space for each struct element (and its fields) in the array.

We can get out a particular struct element using an array index:

group[0]        //the first struct person in the array

For example, here’s how we could set the first person’s name to “Bob” and age to 20:

strcpy(group[0].name, "Bob");
group[0].age = 20;