Part 1

Follow the tutorial in the following video:

Part 2

Then add the remaining static methods to the VectorMath class (Scale, DotProduct, CrossProduct, Magnitude, Normalize) following the structure laid out in this UML class diagram:

The Encapsulation Exercise Class Diagram

The vector operations these methods should compute are:

$$\vec{a}+\vec{b}= \langle a_x + b_x, a_y + b_y, a_z + b_z \rangle \tag{Vector Addition}$$ $$\vec{a}-\vec{b}= \langle a_x - b_x, a_y - b_y, a_z - b_z \rangle \tag{Vector Subtraction}$$ $$\vec{a} \cdot s= \langle a_x \cdot s, a_y \cdot s, a_z \cdot s \rangle \tag{Vector Scaling}$$ $$\vec{a} \cdot \vec{b} = \langle a_x b_x + a_y b_y + a_z b_z \rangle \tag{Vector Dot Product}$$ $$\vec{a} \times \vec{b} s= \langle a_y b_z - a_z b_y, a_z b_x - a_x b_z, a_x b_y - a_y b_x \rangle \tag{Vector Cross Product}$$ $$||\vec{a}|| = \sqrt{a_x^2 + a_y^2 + a_z^2} \tag{Vector Magnitude}$$ $$\hat{u} = \frac{\vec{u}}{||\vec{u}||} \tag{Vector Normalization}$$

You can uncomment the tests in the VectorMathUnitTests class and then run them to verify your work.

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