Milestone 11 Requirements

Web Only

This textbook was authored for the CIS 400 - Object-Oriented Design, Implementation, and Testing course at Kansas State University. This section describes assignments specific to the Spring 2023 offering of that course. Prior semester offerings can be found here. If you are not enrolled in the course, please disregard this section.

Assignment requirements:

  • Deploy your website to Azure Web Services


To practice deploying original web applications to Azure Web Services

Assignment Details

For this milestone you will be deploying your website project to Azure web services.


Publish your website to Azure Web Services. The process is exactly like the deployment exercise. Once you have published your website, submit the URL to your now-live website.

Milestone 11 Rubric

This is an all-or nothing assignment. If your website is available, you get full points, otherwise you get a 0.


  • Submit the URL to your now-hosted website on Azure Web Services.

Unlike earlier milestones, due to the end of the semester late submissions will not be graded. Be sure to submit your assignment well in advance of the due date to avoid earning a 0.