Spring '23 Week 5

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Hello, and welcome to the week five Announcements video for CC 515 in spring 2023. This week you should be wrapping up work on Milestone Two that was due yesterday. So hopefully you’ve got that done and turned in this week, you should start in on the week three lessons. The week three lessons will go for this week and next week and in milestone three is due in two weeks on February 27. So milestone grading, I will try and work on grading milestone three this week, or Milestone Two, sorry, please look for code comments and GitHub. This is one that I tend to leave quite a few comments on about code style and structure, you can always use your submission comments in Canvas, or you can use release notes and GitHub to send me any information I need to use. Please be patient, it does take me a while to get to grading this class, I know that there’s only a few students. But we’ve got a lot of things going on this semester. So I will try and get to you as soon as I can. But please look for those code comments. I’ll try and give you good feedback to help you out so you can improve for the future milestones.

So the weekly content is all about web servers, we’re going to start talking about building our own simple web servers. And looking at the request and response process that goes into actually serving data on the web, you’ll write some simple web servers that work on serving files and serving media. And we’ll also talk a little bit about regular expressions how we can use that to parse things such as the URL in the web requests that we actually use on our server to figure out what we need to serve. Then on milestone three, you’re going to shift gears a little bit, instead of serving your website statically. Through Codio, you’re going to write a small static server in node that will serve your static files that way, it should handle MIME types, it should have the correct content length, it should deal with things such as 404 errors. But basically, it has the same functionality as Milestone One and two. But now you’re serving it through a node server instead of loading the file statically directly through Codio. You should also include the favicon files, those are part of that milestone as well should be very easy to do if you have all your links in the right spot. Hopefully this goes well. But if you have any questions, let me know.

Other than that, you can always keep in touch. We’ve got discussions on Discord I do Tea Time officers, Tuesdays and Fridays. You can also schedule a one on one office hours with me if you get stuck. But the big thing when you’re writing a web server is you want to build something that is very robust that won’t crash. And so you’ll need to pay very close attention to your code. Make sure you have the correct error handlers in there and make sure you’re writing code that is very robust and will work in all sorts of situations. So hopefully have a good couple of weeks. I will see you again in two weeks. Best of luck and I will talk to you then

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