Spring '23 Week 7


Video Script

Hello, and welcome to the week seven Announcements video for CC 515 in spring 2023. So this month really, you should have gotten milestone three done late last week. So hopefully you’ve got that done and turned in, I’ll be grading those soon. And then for the rest of the month of March, you’ll basically be working on the week four and week five lessons, where we’re going to pivot a lot into building our own back end servers and building more Database Driven websites. Throughout weeks four and five, you’ll be working on this large blog project as an example.

And so the next milestone is not actually due until April 3. So you really have all of the month of March, which includes a week for spring break to work on both these lessons. And eventually you’ll have the milestone due on April 3. So like I said, milestone three grading, I will work on grading those this week, as always look for code comments, and GitHub and look for submission comments or release notes either in Canvas or in Codio. I will look for some notes there as well, as always, please be patient. It does take me a little while to get through all of this grading. But I will hopefully get this done this week. So you’ve got some feedback that you can use as you work on milestone four. So for week four, we’re really going to spend some time working on dynamic web servers, we’re going introduced first ECMAscript Server Pages, you’ll talk about file uploads and sessions. And you really spend a lot of time working on this blog tutorial where you’re going to use Node and express to build a blog from scratch that interacts with a database that has all of these different features in it. If you’re careful with the blog tutorial, and you get everything to work, a lot of that code from the blog can be pulled directly over into milestone four. And then you’ll just have to adapt a little bit to match the milestone project instead of the blog project.

So as always, in milestone four, we’re going to do a lot of different things. And milestone four, you’re going to have a formal Express app with routing, you’re going to have some static middleware API endpoints, you’ll have a database, you’ll have dynamic pages of a form submission. I recognize a lot of this may not make sense right now. But you will learn all about it in the weeks four and week five examples working with that blog project. So milestone four is a big change from milestone three, which is why we give you a whole month to work on it. Please start on an early Do not wait until the last minute because it does take quite a while to get through milestone four. So shoot for getting through the last the next couple of weeks here shortly after spring break and give yourself at least a week at the end to work on this milestone.

So as always, you can keep in touch, we’ve gotten discussions on Discord, I host Tea Time office hours, I’ve got one on one office hours, lots of opportunities to get help if you get stuck. But you shouldn’t be working on data driven websites, even though data himself may not find that to be very funny. But I think it’s a really nice way to pivot from what we’ve been doing previously with a lot of hard coded stuff and moving more toward data driven websites that are actually backed by a database and have a full web API on the backend. So if you have any questions let me know otherwise, I will see you again probably after spring break will be the next Announcements video. So have a good spring break and I will see you again in a few weeks.