Summer '22 Week 8


Video Script

Hello, and welcome to the week eight announcements videos for CIS 526 and CC 515 in summer 2022. So this week, you should be wrapping everything up in this class, you’ve got the week seven and eight lessons which are due today, you’ve also got the milestone six, which is due on Friday, and you should be receiving TEVALs later this week. So don’t forget to fill those out as soon as you receive those.

For week seven, and eight, remember, we’re working on things like Single Sign On, CAS authentication, and then you do a project using and React just to see some other frameworks in the web development world. And then for milestone six, you’ll be adding a bunch of features to your ongoing project involving fulfilling requests, setting up user roles and doing user management, you’ll also add the ability to create new boxes if the user has the appropriate role. We’re also going to be focusing a little bit on the aesthetics and usability of your project. And this milestone is worth 200 points. So it’s double the size compared to the previous milestones. So make sure you spend a lot of time working on milestone six, get it all finalized and finished. I’ll try and work on grading it over the weekend so that you’ll get feedback early next week in time for grades which are due early next week as well.

So when we’re talking about the aesthetics and usability of your site, we’re really talking about things like having a consistent look and feel across all of your pages, including your login, logout pages, your signup pages, you’re really trying to minimize the clicks that the user has to do to perform a particular action, you might think about things like smart routing, one of the things that you could do if you work with it a little bit is actually be able to log in and take the user back to the page that they were when they clicked the Login button. There’s some routing tricks that you can do there, you can add some helpful labels and errors will definitely check your site to make sure the different error messages make sense. You can use a tool such as font awesome to add iconography to your website so that it’s really usable. You can add context so that users know what page they’re on what navigation they’re at. You can add breadcrumbs, how they Log In Log out lots of different things, you can do that. And you can look at adding things like hover animations, if they hover over a box, you can have an expand, you can have their mouse change. There’s lots and lots of CSS that you can do as well to increase the usability of your website.

That’s really all I’ve got for this semester, we’re wrapping things up, there’s not a whole lot left to do except work on the milestone. Don’t forget to fill out your TEVALs. Like I mentioned, you will get TEVALs later this week. That information is really helpful for me and for Nathan as we continue to update and improve this class. So any feedback you can give is very helpful. We’ve got discussions on Discord, you can join me for tea time, I’ll be there Tuesdays at 330 Fridays at 1030. Even as we go into the semester, we may look at changing that schedule a little bit, we’ll just see how things go. And you can also always use Calendly to schedule a one on one office hours with me. So let me know how I can help.

Other than that my work is done. We are at the end of the semester. So all you got left to do is get milestone six taken care of get it submitted to me so I can get a graded watch below this video. There should be another video that actually goes through the model solution for milestone six and shows you a little bit of the functionality that you’re supposed to add. It’s not going to show everything but it gives you an idea of what that milestone will look like so best of luck to you. I wish you all the best getting this milestone taken care of if you have any questions let me know otherwise, good luck.

Milestone 6 Overview

Video Script

Good morning, everyone, I want to take a minute to talk through the milestone six model solution. This just gives you an idea of some of the functionality that you may want to work on in this project. So it’s not meant to be inclusive, please make sure you read all of the project description, it really tells you exactly what your milestone needs to do. But this gives you some have an idea of the functionality. So right now I’m logged in as a normal user. And notice up here, I just have a home link, I don’t have anything else. But I do have the requests form because I’m logged in as a user. And so here at the zoo, I can request some bird seed. So I’m going to request I want some bird seed. And then once that has been requested, if somebody else comes in and puts bird seed in that box and wants to mark, that request is fulfilled, I’ve got a little link right here, that when you click on it, it will mark it as fulfilled. So that takes care of fulfilling all of these requests. The other thing that you’ll need to do is you’re going to create some routes for dealing with user management.

So if I log in as my other account, this account has been given the admin role. So you’ll notice up here, they have two different other links, I’ve got a link where I can create a new box that will create a new box added to the database, it will show up on the screen. And I’ve got a little page here where they can manage users, including editing users, setting them as an admin, things like that. So there’s a lot of different functionality that you can add around that. And just adding the users the roles getting all of these navigation links so that they show up on every page, even if that user is logged in, or logged out, that really helps out a lot. So that’s a really quick overview of all of the different new functionality in milestone six, there’s a lot to it in the milestone itself. So make sure you take a look at that. But the big things are getting the box requests. So they can be fulfilled by anybody creating an admin role, and then giving that admin role, the ability to add new boxes and to manage users. Those are really the big new things. And then of course, we’re looking at the functionality of your webpage. You know, for example, if I go to a box, I now have a back button that I can use to go back to the main page so I can navigate without having to click the back button in my browser. So that gives you some ideas of things you can look at. As always, if you have any questions on milestone six, just let me know