Spring '23 Week 9


Video Script

Hello, and welcome to the week nine Announcements video for CC 515 In spring 2023. So this module, you’ll be working on two things, you’ll be doing the lessons from Week Five out of the summer class, and then you’ll be working on the fourth milestone project. The modules in week five really add a lot of information to this class where we start talking about things like template rendering, we look at data serialization, we start talking about databases and routing. And then this week, you’ll start in on the blog tutorial. The blog tutorial is probably the most important part of this class because we really start building a full scale web application one bit at a time. And we go through a lot of the different ways that you can build that application and all the different manual things that you can do to deal with things like sessions and routing. And so the blog tutorial becomes really the basis that you’ll build on to build the rest of the milestones in this class.

So for milestone four, we’re going to be pivoting around a little bit, you’re going to be building your milestone as an Express application using the routing that’s built into ExpressJS you’ll have a static middleware, you’ll be working with API endpoints, you’ll have an SQLite database to store your data. It’ll have some dynamic pages, and it will have a form submission. This is a lot of content to add to this milestone, which is why you’ve been given a lot of time to work on this milestone. But it’s really taking everything we’ve learned so far and working on the blog article, and really pivoting it over and building it into our milestone project itself.

So as always, in this class, if you have questions, feel free to keep up I’ve got discussions on Discord, you can join me for tea time office hours, Tuesdays at 330, Fridays 1130. There’s also a lot of one on one office hours that you can get take advantage of. I’m really here to help. So don’t be afraid to ask questions. But hopefully not pulling your hair too much over this milestone. It is a rather large milestone. But it is a really important concept to pivot from the simple web app. So we built so far to actually building a complete back end web application using Node js and express. So as always, if you have any questions, let me know otherwise, I will see you again in a couple of weeks.