Spring '23 Week 15


Video Script

Hello, and welcome to the week 15 announcements for CC 515 In spring 2023. So this week Next, you should be completing the last module on week seven and eight content. There’s a lot of stuff going on in that module that I’ll talk about briefly. And then for the rest of the semester, your big focus is going to be on completing the last milestone in the restaurant, or in the overarching project for this semester, that last milestone is worth double the points because it’s got a lot of content in it. So make sure you’re paying close attention to that.

So in week seven, and eight, we’ve gotten through a lot of related concepts in web development, such as single sign on, we’re doing CAS authentication, you’re taking a look asp.net, to see another framework. And you’re also going to do a little bit of an example with React. So it’s a lot of different technologies and things that is really useful for you to know about as a web developers. So that’s what we’re covering mostly in week seven, and eight.

And then in week six, you’re going to add some more features to your project on being able to fulfill requests, you’ll add some user roles and some tables and things for user management, as well as the ability to create new boxes that we can add to our database. The other big thing we’re looking at on milestone six is a little bit on aesthetics and usability. So take some time, make sure your project is usable, make sure it’s very clear how you activate and use all the different features. And so this milestone is worth 200 points. So make sure you spend a lot of time on that. And if you have any questions about the milestone requirements, or you’re not sure exactly what it’s asking you to do, feel free to let me know I do have a working model solution that I can check into and kind of give you some ideas of things that you might want to do for this milestone.

So some things that you might want to consider about aesthetics and usability. One of the big things is making sure your website has a consistent look and feel. If you’re using frameworks such as Bootstrap, and you’re using a layout template for your layout of your pages that really helps with this. Another big thing is to think about how you minimize the clicks that a user has to go through to do some work. For example, one way to minimize clicks is when a user creates a user account, you can automatically log them in so they don’t have to go through that process twice. Thinking about your routing, can you get from point A to point B without having to go through your homepage. So for example, if you’re on the page for a box, can you click a button to get to your user management, things like that, thinking about helpful labels and errors. For example, if you try and log in and the login fails, do you give them a helpful label or helpful error so that they can see that works. Or if they try and submit a request that is blank, things like that. You can also look at things like iconography, using things like font awesome to add icons to your buttons. That’s really a good way to do it. You can look at navigation and context menus, you can even look at things like hover animation. So as you hover over the buttons, they do something, all of those are things that you can keep in mind as you work on the aesthetics and usability of your website. Again, frameworks like Bootstrap are a really great way to add some of this very quickly. So don’t feel like you have to write it all from scratch. You’re more than welcome to use libraries, frameworks, whatever makes sense for what you’re doing to get some of these things taken care of.

Last big thing in this class is Tevals. Tevals will go out on finals week. So please watch your email for those. Don’t forget Tevals at K State are anonymous. I won’t know who submitted what and they’re delayed. I can’t see the results until after final grades are submitted. But all of your feedback is welcome both Dr. Bean and I spend a lot of time updating these courses. And we’re always looking for good student feedback on things that we can change things we can do better or things that we’d want to include in future versions of the class. So please take some time to fill out the Teval. All of your feedback is really welcome. So other than that, we’re getting pretty close to the end of the semester. My work is pretty much done. This is the last Announcements video you’ll see of me so hopefully everything’s going well. But as always, if you have any questions you can reach out let me know otherwise, best of luck on finals and I will see you all in the future.