Video Transcript

Welcome to Module 3! In this module, you’ll learn all about how to link your systems up using a variety of networking tools and protocols. First, we’ll discuss the OSI 7-Layer Networking Model and how each layer impacts your system. Then, we’ll look at how to configure various networking options in both Windows and Linux.

Following that, you’ll learn how to configure a DNS and DHCP server using Ubuntu and connect your VMs to those services to make sure they are working properly. Finally, you’ll gain some experience working with some network troubleshooting tools, and you’ll use those to explore a few networking protocols such as HTTP and SNMP.

The lab assignment will instruct you to configure remote access for the VMs you’ve already created, as well as set up a new Linux VM to act as a DNS and DHCP server for your growing enterprise. Finally, you’ll get some hands-on experience with the SNMP protocol and Wireshark while performing some simple network monitoring.

This module helps build the foundation needed for the next module, which will cover setting up centralized directory and authentication systems in both Windows and Ubuntu. A deep understanding of networking is also crucial to later modules dealing with the cloud, as the cloud itself is primarily accessed via a network connection.

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