Video Transcript

Welcome to Module 7! In this module, we’ll discuss several additional topics related to system administration. Honestly, each of these items probably deserves a module unto themselves, if not an entire course. However, since I am limited in the amount of things I can reasonably cover in a single course, I’ve chosen to group these items together into this single module.

First, we’ll discuss DevOps, or development operations, a relatively new field blending the skills of both system administrators and software developers into a single unit. We’ll also discuss a bit of the theory related to system administration, including ITIL, formerly the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, a very standard framework for system administrators to follow.

Then, we’ll cover information related to monitoring your systems on your network and in the cloud, and how to configure some of those tools in our existing infrastructure from previous lab assignments. Finally, we’ll discuss backups, and you’ll perform a couple of backup and restore exercises as part of the lab assignment.

As always, if you have any questions or run into issues, please post in the course discussion forums to get help. Good luck!