Fall '22 Week 1


Video Script

Hello, and welcome to the week one Announcements video for CC 510. In Fall 2022, I’m Russ Feldhausen. I’ll be your instructor for this semester, my contact information is here. It’s also on the syllabus, it’s easy to get ahold of me. For this course, email is preferred. So please email me at russfeld@ksu.edu. But you can also chat with me on Discord, I’m @russfeld. Most of you have already posted You’re welcome there, which is great. So feel free to use Discord as well in this course, but if you need an official email, email is always preferred.

So in this course, there are good modules on canvas. There are seven modules in total, which means there’s roughly one module due every other week, please go through and check the due dates that are posted on Canvas so you know exactly when things are done. For most of the lab assignments in this course, we’re going to do live grading, so you’ll schedule a time to meet with me via zoom. Usually, it only takes about 15 minutes, but I’m going to just ask you to share your screen on Zoom and ask you a few questions. And have you walked me through what you did in the lab so that I can see that everything’s working correctly. That’s by far the easiest way to grade this course. So watch out for some information about that as you complete the first lab. We also have some discussions in this course. Um, for some of the discussions, I’m going to reuse the videos from previous summer. For other questions, I’m probably going to actually go through and invite those speakers to come back. So watch for some information coming up about that here in the next couple of weeks to see if I can get a few of our speakers to come in and do a live discussion for us as well. And then finally, in this course, you’ll have a final project that you get to work on to really demonstrate your skills and explore a little bit deeper into an area of system administration that you’re interested in.

So like I said, for communication in this course, we have discord, it’s a great place for questions, discussions, et cetera. I may post some news articles and things there as I see them throughout the course. So feel free to use discord either in the chat channel or you can DM me on Discord if you have something you’d like to discuss their email is great for personal issues, grading questions, to dues etc. One thing I will say about discord, I get bombarded with notifications in discord and I tend to miss things. So if you want something on my to do list and email it to me, I will guarantee that I do see email. So make sure that you do that. Email is the official record for this course. But Discord is a bit more flexible. So I offer both options.

So in this course to be successful, you really have to come in with a growth mindset, there’s a lot of learning that you’ll have to do. And a lot of questions that I posed that are very open ended. And so you’ll have to spend some time not just reading and watching and stuff, but engaging reading some of the additional content that I link. And I really encourage you to try and work iteratively try and do little bits of the lab, make sure that everything’s working before you move on. Make sure you save early and save often as you’re working with things either on your config files or by making snapshots new virtual machines. And the other big thing is, don’t be afraid to ask for help, I’m going to ask you to do things in this course that can be very difficult. And so if you find yourself getting stuck and spinning your wheels for about an hour or so that’s a good opportunity to just take a step back, ask for help. Because I don’t really expect everybody to do everything in this course without maybe getting stuck at least once in needing to ask for help. So don’t be afraid to seek my help if you get stuck.

So like I said lab grading, you’ll be able to schedule that via Calendly. So you can go to my Calendly link that’s in every email signature. It’s also on Syllabus, it’s on the homepage, schedule, about 15 minutes via Calendly for grading, you can schedule your grading time before the lab is complete, you just need to have the lab completed by the time that happens. So if your schedule is a little tight, you can go ahead and schedule a time for a week from Friday for lab one and have that on the calendar. Generally, to schedule the account only requires two to four hours notice. So if it is Friday at three o’clock, and you want to schedule a meeting for four Calendly is not gonna let you do that. So make sure you schedule a bit in advance. We’re going to use Zoom, we screenshare on this. And the other big thing about live grading is once we start grading the lab, you cannot change things. So if we get halfway through and you realize you did something wrong, it’s too late, you can’t change it, I have to take it as you submitted it at the beginning of that grading period. So just bear in mind, make sure that you’re done with the lab, you might notice things that you did wrong as I go through the grading, but unfortunately, you’re not allowed to change it once we get started. If you have any questions about the lab grading, please let me know.

So discussions in this course, in summer 2021, I had a bunch of guest speakers come in and do some really good interactive discussions with the class. And I’ve got those videos. And so you get to watch those videos and write some reactions about those. I am in the process of asking a couple of those speakers to come back and do a live discussion later this fall for you. So watch out for some emails about that I’ve got two or three people in mind that I’d like to bring back in and have a have us do a live discussion. If you have any questions about that process, email me and I would be happy to explain it.

So that’s really all I got for this week. You’ll expect to see an announcements video for me probably not every week in this course. I’ll probably post an announcements video every other week to go along with the modules. So those announcements videos will most likely be posted on Tuesdays every other week as you start a new module, so watch out for those other than that you can keep in touch by chatting with me on Discord. I also host the tee time office hours for the department which are currently Tuesdays at 330 and Fridays at 1030. But watch for a survey we may be adjusting tee time a little bit. And you can always schedule a one on one office hours with me using my Calendly link. I’d be happy to chat. So other than that, good luck this semester. I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully everything goes well as you get started on lab one. I will look forward to probably meeting most of you on zoom here in the week or so as you get ready to get lab one graded. In the meantime, if you have any questions, let me know