Fall '23 Week 5


Video Script

Hello and welcome to the week five announcements video for CIS 527 and CC 510 in fall 2023. This week we got a lot of stuff going on. We’ve got lab two that’s due on Wednesday, so tomorrow you should be getting done with lab two. There’s also the first discussion will be this Thursday, so the questions for our speaker for the first discussion are also due on Wednesday, so make sure you get those posted. Then we go into next Monday. You’ve got lab three quizzes due or due next Monday. Next Wednesday the discussion one responses due if you’re not able to attend a live discussion and then two weeks from now lab three is due and the second discussion questions will be due because our second speaker will be that week. So there’s stuff due every week, sometimes on Monday and Wednesday, so make sure you’re watching your calendar. Hopefully things go really smoothly, but it’s a really good time to keep keeping on your Canvas calendar to make sure you don’t miss anything that is due coming up.

So for lab two grading, all you have to do is submit your puppet manifest files on Canvas. There’s no meeting required, so you don’t have to schedule time with Matt or I. What will happen is Matt will download your files as he’s going through and grading them. He’ll run them on his VM. Basically what he’ll do is he’ll start at a snapshot that’s just what you should have for your assignment. He’ll run your manifest file, reboot, run your manifest file again, and then check to make sure it did everything correctly. We have to do the reboot so that all of your group permissions get applied properly, and it’s also a way to check to make sure that on Windows it doesn’t keep reinstalling some of the system, some of like Firefox and Thunderbird. It shouldn’t reinstall those. It should just see that they’re installed every time. So lab two grading, you don’t need to meet with anybody. Probably what I’ll do is on Thursday, anybody that’s already submitted lab two, I will go through and give you one point on that lab that will unlock the model solutions and also unlock access so you can get started on lab three because you want to go through that pretty quickly.

So our speaker for this coming week is Kyle Hudson. Kyle Hudson works at Kanren, which is the Internet Service Provider for K -State and other research. institutions in the state of Kansas. Kyle was formerly one of the folks that worked with Beocat. So he’s worked with us a lot. He’s spoken in the class before about his Beocat experience. But now I’m really excited to hear about his new job working at Kanren. Kyle will be here speaking Thursday at 1pm via Zoom in our usual Zoom meeting time. So remember to get points for the discussion, you have two options. You can either attend live and ask at least one question of the speaker or you can watch it either live or recorded and then you’ll be able to write a quick response. I’ll post the response prompt shortly after the speaker. So you’ll be able to work on that. And remember that’s Thursday at 1pm. Your questions are due Wednesday night.

So you’ll be going into Lab 3. Lab 3 in this class goes over core networking services. So we’re gonna set up our own little network in VMware. We’re gonna set our IP addresses. We’re gonna install a DNS and DHCP server and configure those. We’re going to an install an SNMP server and learn how to work with that. We’re gonna use tools like Wireshark to explore some network packets. Lots of stuff are going on in Lab 3. Lab 3 is probably the second hardest lab in this class. It’s a lot of new content if you’ve never worked with networking stuff before. In the textbook, there are some hints and some diagrams. So make sure you take a look at those. I show some pretty good examples of how to do debugging on DNS, for example. And of course, if nothing else, if you’re stuck, please ask questions. This is one of those labs you should start on very, very early and start working on a little bit at a time. Try and do one service at a time. So get DNS working, then get DHCP working, then get SNMP working. Make snapshots in VMware, snapshots are your friend. But if you get stuck, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Schedule a meeting, come to office hours. We’re happy to help. So that’s really it. Other than that, you can keep in touch either by posting on ed discussion or emailing us or joining the discussions Thursday at one o ‘clock.

After Kyle’s done, I’ll stick around and answer any questions if you have any. You can always schedule a one -on -one office hours with either myself or Matt using our Calendly links. We’re always here to help. So hopefully things are going well. Hopefully you’re able to get up and networking this week. If you have any questions, let us know. Otherwise, best of luck and I look forward to seeing you at the discussion on Thursday.