Summer '22 Week 8


Video Script

Hello, and welcome to the weekend Announcements video for CIS 527 In summer 2022. This week we should be wrapping everything up in the class. So you’ve got week seven discussion, which is due today by 1159. And then lab seven and the final project are due on Friday both by 1159. As well, you also should be receiving an email inviting you to complete a TEVAL for this course later today. So make sure you take care of your TEVALs. That information is really really helpful to me as I continue to improve and work on this course.

So for lab seven grading, you don’t need to schedule a meeting with me for lab seven, I’ve reconfigured the lab so that you can do it completely online. For task one, you’ll submit a set of screenshots showing me that you were able to successfully backup and restore a Windows Active Directory. For task two, you’re going to submit a zip file and a readme that shows your backup process. For task three, I just need the URL where I can find your installation of Munin or Ganglia so I can check to see that that’s working. And then for a task four, you’ll send me the GitLab that you’ve created, you’ll add add me to it as a collaborator. And then you’ll send me the URL where I can actually find that GitLab on your server so that I can check and see as I make changes, do they get deployed to the server properly using a web hook. And then if you do do the extra credit, you’ll send me some screenshots as well.

So for your final project, we talked a little bit about this last week. But the big things I need from your final project is a written report, I highly recommend that you use the template that I provide, just to get the headings on it. Remember, the template uses bullets, but your project should not use bullets, it should use paragraphs in that template. So make sure you write that in a professional format. You’re going to spend your time researching, proposing and doing SWOT analysis, I really want you to focus on the SWOT analysis, and especially on the opportunities and threats and weaknesses. Those tend to be the ones that students really struggle with, they do a pretty good job getting the strengths figured out. But sometimes the weaknesses and the threats really need some work. You can include graphics, data, charts, whatever as needed to make your points, then you’re going to do a live presentation from 15 to 30 minutes long. You can either do that live to me via zoom, or you can record it and we’ll talk about that in just a second. Basically, pretend I’m your CIO, and you’re trying to convince me that you’ve analyzed your proposal well, and that it supports your conclusion. Don’t forget to include a conclusion at the end that either shows that you should go forward with this project or your SWOT analysis might show that you should not go forward with this project, make sure you make clear in your conclusion which one you’re doing and how you’re supporting that. And then finally, you should have a small prototype that you’ll demo, it should be pretty easy to do spend maybe two or four hours on the prototype, not a whole lot of time.

So the presentation you can do live or pre recorded. If you want to do it live schedule a time to present with me, I recommend scheduling that for at least a half hour, probably a full hour to give enough time for q&a and setup. If you want to do a recorded presentation, you’ll record the presentation and send it to me ahead of time. And then you’ll need to schedule a time to do q&a After I’ve watched your video. So I’ll watch your video first. And then I will do q&a. If you don’t schedule a time for q&a After the recorded video, I will take some points off. So to account for that I really do want to have some time to do interaction and questions and answers, even if you record the video. So schedule those now if you need to. You can also email me for any alternate arrangements if you’re not able to present during the day. So just let me know.

So for this week, I’m going to be sending out TEVALs so make sure that you respond to those quickly. And honestly, all of your comments and feedback are welcome. It really really helps me as I continue to improve this course. So any feedback you have for good or for bad is really, really helpful to me. So please take some time to fill out your TEVALs. For Final Grades, check your grade in Canvas, I will send out an email when everybody’s grades are finalized, you can email me if you have any concerns, please let me know if there’s anything missing or incorrect ASAP. So I can go through and get that corrected. It’s much easier to do that now than it is next Monday when I’ve got grades due immediately.

Other than that, feel free to keep in touch. We’ve got discussions on Discord. I’ve got Tea Time office hours, Tuesdays at 330 Fridays at 1030. You can join me there. I’ve also got one on one office hours. So lots of different ways you can get in touch and get some help on finishing your final project. But hopefully you get to the point where you’ve solved it, you’ve cracked the code, everything is working. And hopefully at that point, you continue to have purpose in your life. Hopefully you’ve got other things you want to continue working on outside of this course. But as always, if you have any questions, let me know and I will talk to you later this week.