Fall '22 Week 9


Video Script

Hello, and welcome to the week nine announcements for CC 510 in fall 2022. So this week, lab four is due, I believe most of you scheduled time either yesterday or today to get lab four graded. So good job on that. Hopefully that’s all working well. And then you’ll also start working on lab five content this week. Next week, lab five, you’re going to be working on it, it’ll be due the following Monday. And there’s also the third discussion in this class, which becomes due very shortly.

So for lab 4 grading, for those of you that haven’t done lab 4 grading, it’s really simple lab for pretty much either works or it doesn’t. So what I want to see is that you’ve got a Windows Server with Active Directory, and that you can log in from windows onto your Active Directory, you’ll also have an open LDAP server. And you should be able to log in on Ubuntu via LDAP. And then also you should have another snapshot on Ubuntu that allows you to log in via Active Directory, that’s really all it is. And then there’s a couple of screenshots. Generally, it either works or it doesn’t. I tried to do my best if it doesn’t work to give partial credit. But if it works, that’s great, you should know it works. And it will be very easy to great.

So again, success in this class, especially in these labs, make sure you’re reading the lab assignments carefully. There’s a lot of hints and tips in there that I dropped pretty carefully to make sure that you’ve got them. Read the diagrams, if I leave any network diagrams or have any different hints on troubleshooting, don’t be afraid to use your resources, a lot of times the labs have a linked resource in there. That’s usually the resource I used when I tried to do this myself. And then of course, if you get stuck, if you’re not making any progress or spinning your wheels for about a half hour or so that’s a good chance to step back and ask me a question. Don’t try and just force your way through it. Because sometimes it is very possible for you to reach a situation that even I can’t fix. And so I feel really bad if you try and spin your wheels and try and get past something that really is an unsolvable problem. So don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions if you get stuck.

So starting this week, you’re going to work on lab five, lab five, we’re moving everything to the cloud. So you’re going to create a couple of droplets on DigitalOcean, you’re going to set up SSH and firewall on those droplets, you’ll set up some simple websites using either apache or nginx, you’ll set up a DNS name so that you’ve actually got a domain name that you can access them. And then new this past summer, I added some Docker stuff. So you’ll actually set up a couple of Docker containers and a Docker reverse proxy as well on one of those sites.

So to get access to this, one of the things I highly recommend checking out is the GitHub education pack, which you can find it this URL, there’s also a trial on digitalocean.com/freetrialoffer, I apologize that got cut off, where you can get up to $100 of free credits for a new DigitalOcean account. If you need help, you can ask me for credits. In general, even if you have to pay for everything outright between your two DigitalOcean droplets and your domain from Namecheap. It should cost no more than $11. But again, if you need help getting credits, or you need some sort of alternative plan for this, please let me know I really want to make this work. The other big thing about this don’t delete your VMs just yet, we will go back to those VMs in lab six. But lab five is just going to be setting up this cloud infrastructure. So that’s what we’re going to do right now.

Other than that, feel free to keep in touch. We’ve got discussions on Discord, you can schedule a one on one office hours with me, I’m always available to help. So don’t be afraid to take advantage of that. And then of course, we’re moving into the cloud. So the big thing to keep in mind is the cloud is just somebody else’s computer. XKCD does a really good job of describing some of this. So it’s really fun to go back and read some of these comics, especially once you start to understand what’s going on in the cloud. So as always, if you have any questions, let me know and I look forward to seeing you again in a couple weeks.