Fall '22 Week 14


Video Script

Hello, and welcome to the week 14 Announcements video for CC 510 in fall 2022, so remaining in this class, there is a discussion that was due yesterday. Hopefully you got that done and submitted along with the questions for our presenter. The final project proposal is due this Friday, so make sure you’re working on that final project proposal. It’s just a short one page that explains your project and kind of tells me you’re on the right track and can work on it for the last two weeks of the class. Lab seven is due the following Monday on the fifth, and we’ll talk about lab seven and just a bit. And then on finals week, there’s a discussion due on Monday and your final project is due on Friday of finals week. And then finally, don’t forget, there are tevals coming as well.

So for labs have been grading to make things simplified, I have adjusted lab seven so that no in person meeting is required. For part one, you just submit your screenshots on canvas. For part two, you submit a zip file and a readme. For Part Three, you just submit the URLs for your monitoring system as long as it’s working. And for part four, you submit your GitLab repository, you’ll need to add me to that so that I can see it, my username is the same as my email address. And then you’ll also send me your URL of where it gets posted. And then for extra credit, you’ll send me the screenshots of that system working as well. So everything for lab seven can be uploaded via Canvas, and then I can grade it there. So that way you can turn in lab seven, as you get done with different parts of it, you can submit multiple times. So feel free to do that just to get parts of lab seven done as you get toward the end of the semester.

So for your final project, there are three things that you’ll need to complete. The big thing that you’ll turn in is the written report, there is a template I’d like you to use that kind of outlines the different sections that you’ll need. To be clear, the template uses bullet points to describe what goes in the sections. You are not to use bullet points for your sections, you should use full paragraphs for these. What you’ll basically do is research your project proposal and then do a SWOT analysis. When I grade these, I usually look at two things. I’m looking at your proposal, how well did you describe the background, the scenario and what your proposal is so that I can understand it? And then how well does your SWOT analysis match what you proposed and how I would understand it, and I would analyze it as an IT person. In your project, you can include graphics and data as needed. So if there’s anything I need to see or understand or any charts that might be useful, you can include those. The second part you’ll do is a presentation, your presentation is 15 to 30 minutes, it’s basically going over what’s in your written report. So your presentation will describe your project, go through your SWOT analysis, and then give me a summary. One big thing that a lot of people leave out on these projects is the summary. At the end of a SWOT analysis, I want you to tell me whether you think this project is worth doing or not. So your your SWOT analysis should lead to a strong conclusion of something like based on the SWOT analysis, I believe, or I do not believe we should continue with this project, I really want you to try and sum it up and use that SWOT analysis to convince me as your CIO or it reviewer that your project is worth doing or not worth doing. So that’s the big thing there. The other part of your final project is a small prototype, it should be very easy, it’s just something related to your project. For example, if your project involves hosting servers on AWS, your prototype might be spinning up a small AWS server. If your project is about using Ansible. To deploy systems, you might play around with a simple Hello World and Ansible I expect you to spend no more than about two to four hours on your prototype. And basically, during your presentation, you’ll just show your prototype as a short little demo. That’s really all you have to do.

So the presentation itself, I give you a couple options, you can give your presentation to me live via zoom, or you can pre record it and submit the recording to me via Canvas. If you want to present live, you need to schedule a time to present to me using my Calendly link, please schedule a full half hour for that block. If it’s recorded, I want you to schedule time to meet with me for q&a. The q&a should be after you’ve submitted your recording, so I have time to watch it. But your q&a time only needs to be 15 minutes. But either way, I want to interact with you a little bit either after your live presentation or after I watch your recording. Please, please go schedule these. Now. One of the things you’ll run into is because I’m taking care of the senior project class this semester, my Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, finals week is already fully booked for those presentations. So I really only have Monday or Friday of finals week, and Friday is going to fill up quickly. So feel free to grab those times that you want now, so that you’ve got your time booked, regardless of what you’re doing. If you need alternative arrangements, if your schedule changes, if things get weird on finals week, let me know I do have a little bit of availability in the evenings for a couple of these. So I could do some on me in the evenings, probably Thursday and Friday of finals week, and maybe also Monday finals week. So let me know if that becomes useful. But please get on top of scheduling your presentations now so that you can get that taken care of.

Also in this class, we’ll be sending out tevals or teaching evaluations these will be done electronically. They will be sent out soon. So watch your email for those. Please take the time to respond honestly and give any feedback you have both good and bad, all of your feedback and comments are welcome on this class. It’s something that I really, really take very seriously. It helps me improve this class, it helps me know what things I need to change what things I need to do differently. I wish I could tell you how much this class has changed over the past several years that I’ve taught it. But all of those changes are really coming from those tevals. So please take the time, give me your honest comments and feedback. Anything that you want to see changed anything you like anything you dislike, all of that information is very helpful for me as I continue to improve this class.

And then finally, as we get to the end of the semester, final grades will be posted in Canvas. So check your canvas and make sure that all your grades there are accurate. If you have any concerns email me sooner rather than later so I can get those adjusted. Once we get to the end of finals week, I will be very unlikely to make changes to grades. So if there are any concerns now please let me know. In all of my classes, once grades are finalized in Canvas, you will receive that one final email from me that says the grades are finally in Canvas. And what you see in Canvas is what gets submitted to cases later that will get processed on your transcripts. So take a moment now to look at your grades, make sure everything looks correct. I’m going to be going through those and making sure that those are accurate as well from my end of things, but let me know if there’s anything wrong with their grades, we can get that fixed ASAP.

Other than that, this is probably the last Announcements video I’m going to make this semester. If you have any questions or concerns you can keep in touch by emailing me. You can join discussions on Discord you can schedule a one on one office hours with me. I’m available all the time. I’m happy to help answer questions. It’s been a real pleasure having you all in this class. And so I hope things go well. But now you’re at the end hopefully feel like you’ve solved some problems and you’re you’re cheering at the end of the semester. You’ve only got a few things left in this class. But as long as things go well hopefully you will continue to enjoy what you’re doing. As always, if you have any questions, let me know and I look forward to seeing you again in the future. Best of luck.