Presentation 1

During the first half of the semester, each student will be scheduled to give a Overview & Requirements Presentation related to the project.

Presentation Outline

The presentation should be roughly 8 minutes in length, and cover the following topics:

  • A brief overview of the project.
  • NEW A small set (2-3) of top level use cases for the project.
    • These use cases should clearly lead to the requirements in the next bullet point.
    • These use cases will inform the testing plan in the next presentation.
  • A discussion of the requirements for each phase of the project.
    • These requirements will inform the overall design of the project in the next presentation.
  • A proposed timeline for project completion.

The first three items roughly correspond to the two initial artifacts discussed on the previous page. The timeline should give rough estimates on when each feature or group of features should be completed.

Additional Content to Include

In addition to the basic outline listed above, here is a list of some other topics you may wish to cover in your presentation, especially if it is relevant to your project:

  • Where the project idea came from.
  • Any existing prior work or inspiration.
  • What problem this project is trying to solve.
  • Tools, Languages, Frameworks, or APIs to be used.
  • Initial Design Diagrams (UML, ER, API, etc.)
  • Initial UI mockups or Website Layout

Sample Presentations

You can find several previous presentations under the Files section on Canvas. Bear in mind that these may or may not be example of good presentations, they are simply ones that have been collected for sharing.

Presentation Tips

In Fall 2022, we recorded a video containing some great tips to improve your presentations. Check it out!