Final Presentation

At the end of the semester, each student will give a public Final Presentation that presents all aspects of the completed project.


The presentation should be roughly 30-45 minutes in length, and cover all aspects of the project. A recommended outline is below:

  • Introduction
  • Background & Related Work
  • Project Requirements
  • Design Documents
  • Project Implementation (Languages, Frameworks, Code Structure)
  • Testing & Evaluation
  • Packaging & Deployment (if applicable)
  • Live Demo
  • Future Work
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A


Final presentations are typically scheduled during the last week of the semester (sometimes referred to as “dead week”) or finals week. You should schedule your presentation in consultation with your advisor, since they are required to attend and grade your project.

There are two options for presenting your project:

  • In Person: - you’ll need to work with the Computer Science office to reserve a conference room for your presentation.
  • Virtual: - you’ll schedule a time using Zoom for your presentation.

You should schedule the session to last for an hour to include time for setup and Q&A at the end.


Once you’ve scheduled a time and location for your presentation, you’ll need to create two advertising artifacts to promote your presentation:

  • A single paragraph abstract describing the project
  • A single image (1920 by 1080 pixels) promoting your presentation

Both artifacts should clearly include your name; the title of your project; and the date, time and location of your presentation. These artifacts are due at least one week before your presentation, and no later than two weeks before the end of finals week.

Sample Presentations

You can find several previous presentations and completed projects under the Files section on Canvas. Bear in mind that these may or may not be example of good presentations, they are simply ones that have been collected for sharing.