CIS 748 Videos

This page contains links to videos and some comments from the CIS 748: Advanced Software Management course taught by Dr. DeLoach.

YouTube Channel - contains all videos.

Video Topics

Below is a quick guide to the various videos and their relevance to CIS 598 projects. Feel free to use this to help you find a particular video or topic.

  • Chapter 1: Videos 1a and 1b talk mostly about project teams. 1a also covers work products. 1c talks about different approaches to a project, and may be helpful during initial project planning stages.
  • Chapter 2: Video 2b gives some useful information about software development processes. 2c is some good historical information as well. Videos 2d and 2e are super useful since they cover both iterative and agile development, which is the most common development process employed by students in this course.
  • Chapter 3: The videos from chapter 3 are useful during the early parts of the project and give lots of information about how to determine the features and requirements for a project. Watching these videos early on may help you ideate around your project.
  • Chapter 4: Chapter 4 is mostly related to large software projects and may not be directly relevant, but is still useful in some areas.
  • Chapter 5: Chapter 5 covers large project management, which may be a bit outside the scope of CIS 598 but is interesting if you plan on joining or managing a large software team in the future.
  • Chapter 6: The content in chapter 6 goes deep into project estimation, and is probably too deep for CIS 598. However, some of the content may help give you a few ideas for how to judge the approximate scope and scale of your project as you get further into planning.
  • Chapter 7: I recommend watching some of the content in Chapter 7 on time management and evaluating progress about halfway through the semester. They can be a good prompt for reflection as you reach the halfway point and look ahead to the last part of the project.
  • Chapter 8: Chapter 8 is mostly on value analysis, which is not really relevant to CIS 598.
  • Chapter 9: Likewise, Chapter 9 mostly covers risk management, which is probably not relevant to most CIS 598 projects.