Spring '23 Week 3


Video Script

Hello, and welcome to the week three announcements video for CC 515 in spring 2023. This week you should have milestone one completed it was due yesterday. So hopefully you’ve got that turned in. If not, please make sure you do that as soon as you can. This week, you’ll be working on the lessons for the week two module in Canvas. And then the following week, you’ll have a week to work on the second milestone, which is due Monday, February the 13th. So the first milestone that will take care of grading this week, basically look for code comments in GitHub. And then I’ll also leave some comments in Canvas as well. If you have any comments that you want to leave for me, you can use submission comments in Canvas, or you can make release notes in GitHub for that, it may take me a little while to go through this milestone just because I really want to come through the code and make sure everything’s looking good. So please be a little patient as I go through the milestone grading. But hopefully it should be done within a week of you getting it submitted. So watch for that. And you’ll see those comments coming through on GitHub and on Canvas as soon as I get that done.

So for the second week, we’re going to shift gears and spend a little bit more time talking about advanced JavaScript topics, including JSON and Ajax, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Although we’re really going to use JSON for this, you’ll learn a little bit about how a synchronous JavaScript works, you’ll learn to create things like web workers, and then we’ll start to introduce the ideas behind node j s, which will become the server software that we’re going to use a little bit down the road. So for Milestone Two, the big thing is you’re going to change your milestone one so that you’re getting the box locations via Ajax and querying a back end server instead of just loading a JSON programmatically, it’s really the same overall design as before, but now you’re building a web page via Ajax instead of just loading the JSON. If you have any cores issues, you shouldn’t have to deal with that in Codio. But if you’re trying to do that locally, you may run into those issues. So if that happens, let me know. And then with Milestone Two, there are some ways that you can use libraries for this. It’s really up to you if you want to do that or not, the code is pretty flexible. I’ve written model solutions, both without using libraries. And with using libraries such as jQuery to help with this. It’s really up to you in whichever method you prefer.

So that’s really all that’s going on in this class right now. As always, if you have any questions, you can chat with me on Discord, you can join my tea time office hours, Tuesdays at 330. And Fridays, 1130. You can use Calendly to schedule one on one office hours with me. I’m here to help. So please let me know if there’s anything you need. Otherwise, hopefully enjoyed this milestone. I know it kind of feels like you’re doing the same website again. But it’s really useful to iterate on the same design over and over again so that you can see the different ways you can achieve that using web development techniques. And so I hope you really enjoy this milestone and as always, let me know if you have questions. And I will see you again in a couple weeks.