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This textbook was authored for the CIS 642/643 - Software Engineering Project I&II course at Kansas State University. This front matter is specific to that course. If you are not enrolled in the course, please disregard this section.

This course does not have a required print textbook. The resources presented in the modules are also organized into an online textbook that can be accessed here: . You may find this a useful reference if you prefer a traditional textbook layout. Additionally, since the textbook exists outside of Canvas’ access control, you can continue to utilize it after the course ends.


Please note that the materials presented in Canvas have additional graded assignments and exercises worked into the reading order that do not appear in the online edition of the textbook. You are responsible for completing these!

O’Riley for Higher Education

As the teams in this course will be engaging in developing software for a variety of platforms and languages, I would recommend that you look to the O’Riley For Higher Education digital library offered through the Kansas State University Library for texts to support your effort. The resources available include electronic editions of thousands of popular textbooks as well as videos and tutorials covering the breadth of computer science and software engineering, along with a focus on current technologies and libraries.

If you were to read any book that comes out of our introductory content and appearing in the O’Riley library, I would highly recommend:

“The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering” probably the most influential book on software engineering practices.

The O’Riley library is a great resource for all your CS coursework. It costs you nothing (technically, your access was paid for by your tuition and fees), so you might as well make use of it!