TIPP & SEE is an adaption of the Use → Modify → Create → learning progression developed specifically for working with Scratch1. The name is an acronym for a multi-step process of interacting with Scratch projects. Scratch offers a website where programmers can publish and share their projects, and other programmers can remix them.

Remixing in Scratch means taking an existing project and modifying it, often to build in more functionality or to change its aesthetics. This parallels the professional open-source community, where professional programs write and distribute programs online using sites like GitHub for others to use and modify. This also means that the Scratch website can serve as a rich source of exemplar programs to share with your students.


Alternatively, you can provide a starting program for your students to remix that you authored yourself!


TIPP stands for Title, Instructions, Purpose, and Play, and describes examining the surface level of a Scratch project - reading its title, instructions, trying to determine the purpose of the project, and then running it to see what it does. SEE stands for Sprites, Events, and Explore, and describes examining the actual code of the project.

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