Codio Examples

On some pages, the Codio guide may also switch to a different view, shown here, allowing you to work directly with code. On the far left is the file tree, which shows all of the files accessible to you for this tutorial. Then, in the middle, you may also see one or more open files as tabs at the top of that panel. Those files are usually the ones that you need to edit to complete the example on this page. You can freely open additional files if needed in that panel, or rearrange the panels as needed. However, whenever you enter this page, it will reset the view back to the default.

In the first programming module of the course, we’ll discuss more information about how to use Codio to run any code that you’ve created. For now, we’ll just use text files to introduce the interface.

Once you’ve completed the example, most pages will include a section at the bottom that allows you to check your work. Just like the other questions, these assessments will count toward your grade on the tutorial project. See if you can complete the exercise and pass the test below. The answer is Picard.

Web Only

This content is presented in the course directly through Codio. Any references to interactive portions are only relevant for that interface. This content is included here as reference only.