Language Libraries

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In this module, we won’t be going quite as far as looking online for code that performs a particular task. Instead, we’re going to explore some of the more important features available as part of our chosen programming language. In many instances, the developers of the programming language have taken the time to include some of the most important and commonly used pieces of code directly as part of the language itself.


Most programming languages include a wide range of features as part of a library of code that can be used in any applications. In this way, applications built with these programming languages can share many of the same features, making it easy for a developer to move between applications easily.

To think about this another way, consider a modern automobile. Most of them include the same parts - an engine, transmission, battery, alternator, starter, and more. If each car was built in a different way using different types of parts, it would be very difficult for any mechanic to be able to fix more than just a few cars. By using standard parts, even if they are a little different in each model, it becomes much easier to repair and maintain those vehicles.