Fall '22 Week 1

Edited Transcript

Hello, I am Emily Alfs-Votipka. I will be your instructor for this semester for CC 210. Please feel free to call me Emily. If you prefer formality you can call me Mrs. Alfs-Votipka. Either is fine with me.

If you have any questions related to course content, please email the CC 210 help email shown here in the syllabus. If you have any non-course related questions for me, you can email me on my personal email. That’s just emilyalfs@ksu.edu. Though for course things it is best to use the CC 210 help.

Okay, so when you start the course, you’ll see something like this, you’ll see this splash page, obviously, for Python, you’ll see Python here, and there will be a Python graphic, you can also look at the announcements, there is this announcement for the potential to be dropped for non participation. And you can read that in your own time. So what you’ll need to do is make sure that you complete Module Zero to be considered participating in the course.

So in the course, we have all of these modules, and again, right now I’m looking at the Java specific, but this is very similar to the Python, you’ll see we have all of these modules. And you can collapse them all if you like. And then just expand the one that you’re working on. Or you can have them all expanded if you want as well.

We also have the syllabus that you can go to, this has all of the contact information. I would like to add at this point, um, I will be adding office hours, I am not certain on what times those will be I do teach some in person classes. So I’m going to try and fit those around that schedule. And also, if you are not in Manhattan or not near campus, I will offer some online components for meetings. And that will typically be through my Calendly. If you’re concerned about that, please do feel free to reach out. And we can coordinate something.

I highly recommend that you read through the syllabus. One key thing is the late work policy is is very important that you don’t get behind. So if you do feel like you’re getting off track, then please feel free to reach out and I’ll help to get you back on to the right track. The policy is that the grade will be reduced by 10% of the total points per day that it’s late. So if it’s due Thursday at midnight, and you turn it in, say Friday afternoon, then you will lose 10% of the points. That’ll be automatically assessed by Canvas. But that penalty won’t show up in codio. So Canvas is the official source for your grades and what will end up being your final grade. So if anything seems off or out of whack in Canvas, please reach out and let me know.

At the bottom of this page, we have this Course Summary. So this course summary is handy to kind of get a broad picture of what’s due when. I have all of the due dates currently set up in Canvas. Another way that you can be aware of what’s coming up what you need to do, there is this to do list on the right hand side. And that will tell you similar to that course summary what is due and the precise time that it’s due.

Another thing you can do is view the course calendar. And here you can also see everything that will be due for a particular day. Again, I have all of the due dates mapped out and such. So your calendar should stay relatively the same as what you see here. That’s all for this first announcements video.

So go ahead and get started on the course content. And please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I’m happy to help and student success is important to me. So if there’s anything that you see that you feel like could be done better or differently, please let me know please reach out. I’m happy to help and to integrate new tools or techniques into the course to help make it a better course overall