Completing a Unit

That’s it! We’ve completed this unit in Codio, and we are now on the last page.

There’s just one more thing to do: we need to mark the unit as complete. When we do that, Codio will grade our work and then send the grade to Canvas. Once the grade is recorded in Canvas, we’ll get access to the next item in the module.

Take a Breather

Once you’ve marked a unit complete in Codio, it may take several minutes for the grading process to complete and for your grade to appear in Canvas. So, if you immediately try to access the next item in the module, you may not have access until Codio has submitted your grade to Canvas.

So, once you’ve marked a unit as complete, it’s a great time to take a quick breather, leave your computer behind, refill your beverage of choice, and clear your mind while Codio and Canvas handle the grading. By the time you get back, your grade should appear in Canvas and you’ll be ready to go.

If your grade doesn’t appear in Canvas after several minutes, please send a message to the instructors via your class’s help system.

There are several ways to mark a unit as complete. First and foremost, the last page of the guide in each project should have a “Mark as Completed” button at the bottom of the page, but these textbook tutorials don’t. So, once we see that button, we’ll know we’ve reached the end of a project.

On the tutorials, we can click the gear icon in the upper-right of the page, and select “Mark as Completed” there. It should also be available in the tutorials as well.

Finally, we can find a “Mark as Completed” option on the Education menu at the top of the window. Each of these will perform the same function, so we can use any one of them when we are finished with our work.

The Codio Documentation gives several different ways that it can be done.

Of course, don’t forget the warning on the previous page - we should make sure we are completely done with the unit before marking it as complete.

So, let’s go ahead and mark this unit as complete by clicking the “Mark as Completed” option found by clicking the gear icon above, or the Education menu at the top. Once we do that, we’ll be able to complete the final few things in Canvas for this module, and then we can move on to Module 1 - Hello World!