In this chapter, we covered some more information about web APIs. We discovered how they are structured and how we can interact with them in our applications. We even learned a bit about how they handle documentation and authentication.

Of course, this merely scratches the surface of information related to web APIs. A later course in the Computational Core curriculum, CC 515, covers web application development and goes in-depth about how to build and use web APIs using a RESTful architecture.

For this course, we’ll simply focus on making a small REST API for a portion of our ongoing project. This allows us to learn a bit about how we could construct our own web APIs and make them available for others.

Review Quiz

Check your understanding of the new content introduced in this chapter below - this quiz is not graded and you can retake it as many times as you want.

--- primaryColor: '#512888' secondaryColor: '#cccccc' textColor: black shuffleQuestions: true shuffleAnswers: true locale: en --- # Web APIs A **Web API** is best described by which statement? 1. [X] An interface for accessing and modifying resources stored on a web server 1. [ ] A method for changing the settings on a web server 1. [ ] A process for converting URLs into function calls on a web application 1. [ ] An access pipeline for cached data in a database # SOAP The **SOAP** acronym stands for what technology? 1. [X] Simple Object Access Protocol 1. [ ] Structured Object Address Protocol 1. [ ] Simplified Outcome Architecture Protocol 1. [ ] Standard Output Ansible Protocol # SOAP Communication The **SOAP** protocol was designed to use which data format to interact with a server? 1. [X] XML 1. [ ] HTML 1. [ ] JSON 1. [ ] CSV # DL The "DL" portion of the name **RESTful API DL** is short for what term? 1. [X] Description Language 1. [ ] Definition Language 1. [ ] Discussion Language 1. [ ] Design Language # Security The process of confirming a user's identity in a web application is known by what name? 1. [X] Authentication 1. [ ] Authorization 1. [ ] Accessibility 1. [ ] Accountability