Assignment Requirements

This page lists the example project requirements for Example 10 in CC 410. Read the requirements carefully and discuss any questions with the instructors or TAs.


This example will cover some concepts related to parallel programming. This is meant to be an exploratory project only, so requirements are very loose.

General Requirements

  • No style or documentation requirements will be enforced for this example.

Assignment Requirements

This one is simple - follow the steps to create a proper release package for this project, and then upload it to GitHub as part of a release. You should be able to then download your package and execute it directly.

Time Requirements

Completing this project is estimated to require 1 hour.

Grading Rubric

This assignment will be graded based on the rubric below:

  • Package Created - 70%
  • Package on GitHub - 10%
  • Documentation on GitHub - 10%
  • Package Works - 10%


Submit this assignment by creating a release on GitHub and uploading the release URL to the assignment on Canvas. You should not submit this Codio project or mark it as complete in Codio, in case you need to come back to it and make changes later.