Python 3.9

Updating to Python 3.9

In Fall 2022, the Codio software stack was updated to Python 3.9. This requires several changes to be made to the projects, which are described below.

For Projects Already Started using Python 3.6

  1. Uninstall all Python packages:
pip3 uninstall -y -r requirements.txt
  1. Update the stack by going to the Project > Stack > Settings menu option.

Menu Options Menu Options

On that page, select the latest version of the CC 410 Stack, and click Save.

Select Stack Select Stack

The Codio box should update to the new stack.

For New Projects

  1. Confirm that the current Python version is 3.9 and that Pip3 is updated as well:
python3 --version
pip3 --version

Current versions are shown below:

Python Versions Python Versions

  1. Update tox.ini to use Python 3.9 instead of Python 3.6:
envlist = py39
  1. Install project requirements using pip3:

Check the errata page to see if any requirements must be updated.

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

If there are any errors, contact the instructor.

  1. Test and run the project following the usual procedure.