Next Steps

Next Steps

This project is a major step toward developing our skills as professional programmers. We introduced a lot of new topics:

  • Unit Tests
  • Code Coverage Tests
  • Documentation Comments and Tools
  • Style Checkers
  • Tools to Automate Everything

In the next assignment, we’ll start building the first major project in this course. In doing so, you’ll end up redoing a lot of this initial setup, so you’ll be referring back to this project over time. So, if anything didn’t work or you ran into issues, now is the time to ask questions and get help. Good luck!

Submitting this Assignment

Remember, you should not mark this assignment as complete via Codio - just submit the GitHub URL for your release via Canvas. By leaving this assignment open, you may return to it later and make changes. In addition, it becomes a good testing ground that you can use to try new code or tools before integrating them into your later projects.