Fall '23 Week 6


Edited Transcript

Hello and welcome to the week six announcements video for CC410 in fall 2023. So this week you should be wrapping up the example on debugging and logging and also an example around Lambda Expressions. You’ll be working on the third restaurant milestone, which is quite a big one where we add some inheritance and polymorphism in your project. And you should also now be following all of the guidelines regarding style checking, unit testing, type checking, all of that. You should also be scheduling your second final project meeting with me. So if you haven’t done that already, please make sure you take care of that.

And then this week we’re going to switch gears and we’re going to spend some time talking about design patterns. If I had to say the biggest takeaway I want you to get from this course is probably working with design patterns. So we’re going to have a restaurant milestone that introduces some design patterns into the project itself. And then also this week you’ll have access to the first concept quiz in this course. So for the milestone, like we said, we’re going to add a couple of design patterns, namely around the order class and the combo class. We’re also going to add a combo builder and an order number singleton class to explore some other design patterns. And for a lot of these classes, we’re going to build them in this milestone and then we’ll add unit tests for these classes in the next milestone to kind of break that up a little bit.

So also coming up, you’ve got the first concept quiz in this class. This is kind of like an exam, but it’s meant to be a little bit lower stakes than an actual written paper exam, but it’s kind of the same idea. What I want to do is I want to check your understanding of some of the key concepts in this course. So for this concept quiz, it’s a quiz on canvas. You’ve got a two hour time limit. So once you start it, you need to be prepared to finish it within two hours. You can’t take a break and come back. So make sure you have a two hour time block to work on this. This concept quiz covers some basics of object oriented programming theory. It talks a little bit about code comprehension where I ask you to read some code and explain it. We have some UML diagrams that ask you to look at. It has you do a little bit with unit testing. The concept quiz is open book, open notes, open code. There are a couple of brief coding examples at the end that I’ll ask you to complete, so kind of be prepared for that. Please, please use books, notes, codes. Do not go to chat GPT and put in the questions and get the answers. This is really meant for me to understand your knowledge of the concepts in this course and if there are any weaknesses that we need to address later on. So please do the best you can, but please complete this honestly, following TasteAid’s honor code. Please don’t use any outside resources other than your notes, the book, and the code used in this class.

So looking ahead after that, we’ve got our module on test doubles, then we’ve got a module on introducing graphical user interface basics and event driven programming. So we’ve got some cool stuff coming up ahead in this course. So hopefully everything is strumming along so far. Hopefully things are going well for you, but if you have any questions or you’re falling behind, please feel free to let me know. Hopefully things go well, otherwise I will see you again next week.