Fall '23 Week 8


Edited Transcript

Hello and welcome to the Week 8 announcements video for CC410 in Fall 2023. My apologies for missing last week’s video. I was on the road three days last week and I just didn’t get a chance to get the announcements done before it was too late for them to be relevant. But I’ll try and catch you up this week. So right now you should be wrapping up the module on Test Doubles, which is a really important concept in this class that allows you to do unit testing on classes that you’ve already written. You can just mock those up and use those elsewhere. You should also have scheduled your second final project milestone. If you haven’t done that already, please do that as soon as possible. And you should have also completed the first concept quiz. Hopefully that was a good review of some of the concepts we’ve covered, some of the techniques that you’ve learned. And I’ll go through and try and get those graded yet this week so you can get some feedback on that.

This week we’re going to shift gears and we’re going to start working on graphical user interfaces or GUIs. So this week the first example is really just building the basics of a user interface. So that leads to the restaurant milestone. And then we’ll also have a final project milestone that’s coming up in the next week or so. So watch out for that. So a quick note, I do have a couple more sets of upcoming travel this week and next week. Basically I’ll be gone Thursday through Sunday for the next two weeks. I’ve got a couple of events coming up. So I will be out of the office off and on. That just means that responses and grading may be delayed. So if you reach out to me Thursday or Friday this week or next week, it might be Monday or Tuesday before I get a chance to get caught up. If this causes any problems with deadlines and things, I will adjust deadlines and work with you to make sure it’s fair. But just be aware that my response times may be a little slow due to some upcoming travel this week and next week.

So on the sixth milestone, like I said, you’re going to create the basics of a user interface for this program. Remember we’re building a point of sale system for a restaurant. So this would be the cash register interface basically. For this one, we’ll create the overall GUI structure. I’m going to give you one example that you can follow, but you can actually build this however you want as long as it makes sense and meets the requirements. So feel free to get a little creative with this milestone. If you want to try and do something a little different, that’s totally fine. Looking ahead after this milestone, we’ll have some stuff on event driven programming, external libraries, creating releases, things like that. And then the last part of the class, we’ll get into some web stuff as well. So it’s week eight. We’re finally at the halfway mark getting through the semester. Hopefully everything’s going well for you so far. As always, if you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, I will record another one of these next week.